Bryn Mawr Classical Review vom 26.1.2004

»This small introduction has arisen from a seminar Rausch und Rauschmittel in der Antike in the Classics and History of Medicine programs of Bochum University (Germany). It deals with specialized pharmaceutical literature in antiquity from Mycenae (1400-1180 B.C.) to Paul of Egina (7th century A.D.). It presents the main streams of ancient pharmaceutical literature, with not only the major works and their authors, but also the contents of these works, their form, and their constant association of science and superstition and, during the transition to the Middle Ages, paganism and Christianity. Simultaneously, the work widens the very definition of specialized literature, by introducing into the analysis non-technical sources.«

Alain Touwaide

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Umschlagbild: Die pharmazeutische Fachliteratur in der Antike

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Die pharmazeutische Fachliteratur in der Antike

Eine Einführung
Schulze, Christian

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