New Testament Abstracts Vol. 60 No. 2

In this volume exegetes with a markedly Lutheran standing discuss methods of scriptural interpretation by focusing on the exegesis of a biblical text (with one exception), in each case followed by a short response. The essays address historical approaches (two contributions), literary approaches (two), contextual approaches (two), and text and authority (one). The contributions most pertinent to NT studies are by J. C. Salzmann on historical approaches to the exegesis of Mt 14:22−33 − significance and limitations of a method (response by V. Scholz); J. Voelz on the literary interpretation of the Scriptures − Mk 8:22−26 (response by J. C. Salzmann); D. Reinstorf on apartheid and present-day South Africa as a context in reading Gal 3:26−28 (response by T. Laato); and J. Kloha on theological and hermeneutical reflections on the ongoing revisions of Novum Testamentum Graece (response by Scholz). M. Salzmann has provided English translations of two contributions also appearing in German.

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Umschlagbild: Listening to the Word of God

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Listening to the Word of God

Exegetical Approaches
Behrens, Achim/Salzmann, Jorg Christian/Adams, David L./Kloha, Jeffrey J./Laato, Timo/Raabe, Paul R./Reinstorf, Dieter/Saleska, Timothy E./Scholz, Vilson/Voelz, James W.

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