Theologische Literaturzeitung 140/2015

This book is a good example of a starting point for an ecumenical dialogue: sharing good information about one’s own tradition with fellow Christians from other traditions, appreciating the mutual unfamiliarity of concepts, practices, and traditions. The combination of Roman Catholic and free church perspectives is an interesting example of contacts between Roman Catholics and those from an evangelical-pentecostal background that stimulates the exchange of information across borders and challenges caricatures. As a source of information, this book is a fine contribution to the dialogue between Christian traditions.
Hans M. Burger (Auszug)

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Umschlagbild: Aus dem Glauben leben

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Aus dem Glauben leben

Freikirchliche und römisch-katholische Perspektiven
Neumann, Burkhard/Stolze, Jürgen/Bräker, Jürg/Dziewas, Ralf/Eschmann, Holger/Hardt, Michael/Iff, Markus/Könemann, Judith/Olpen, Bernhard/Richter, Stefan/Thönissen, Wolfgang

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