Ecumenical Encounters with Desmond Mpilo Tutu

Visions for Justice, Dignity and Peace

Autor/Hrsg.: Hinz, Rudolf/Kgabe, Vicentia /Maluleke, Tinyiko /Nadar, Sarojini /Werner, Dietrich
Erscheinungsjahr: 2022
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This inspiring collection of 72 critical and creative contributions honoring the life and work of Desmond Mpilo Tutu comprises a rich and diverse array of reflections on the ecumenical global struggle against Apartheid, and Archbishop Tutu’s role therein, as a political priest, prophet and intellectual. The encounters with »the Arch« and his work has shaped ongoing faith-based, activist and academic pursuits for justice, peace and dignity. Anyone familiar with his outstanding contributions to the promotion of justice, dignity and peace, will know that a hallmark of Desmond Tutu’s celebrated style is his use of narrative and real-life stories. In honor of his unique and remarkable example, the contributions in this book combine oral history and written history paradigms, as well as sociological, philosophical and theological approaches. While the book is meant to be a memorial recollection of encounters with the Arch, the hope is that these recollections will continue to inspire collective struggles and hopes for justice, peace and dignity.

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Racism and Resistance against Apartheid
Allan Aubrey Boesak, »I Turn My Face to the Rising Sun«: Hope, Hopelessness and the Inspiration for Struggle
Nele Trautwein and Ursula Trautwein, »My Goodness, I Am Happy that I Am Not Your Enemy«: The Frankfurt Women against Apartheid
Michael Battle, I Am Anglican when I Put »Tu« and »Tu« Together: Reflections on Race and Religion
Gottfried Kraatz, Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Symbol of the Church Involved in the Freedom Struggle against Apartheid
Sebastian Justke, Desmond Tutu’s Fame and His Ecumenical Networks: A Part of the Global History of Apartheid and Anti-Apartheid
Baldwin Sjollema, Pastor of the Nation: A Tribute to Desmond Tutu
Christian Balslev-Olesen, Desmond Tutu: An Icon of Justice and Reconciliation, and a Beacon for DanChurchAid (DCA) and Denmark
Heinz Joachim Held, As I Experienced It: Desmond Tutu at the Boipatong Massacre Funeral, 1992
Martin Kruse, Hope Within Us, Giving Evidence to the Eloff Commission
Hildegard Thevs, When Desmond Tutu Did Not Make a Speech
Liberation Theology and Theological Education
Kuzipa Nalwamba, Visions on a Tightrope: Tutu’s Sojourn as Africa Associate Director of the Theological Education Fund (1972−1975)
Dietrich Werner, Contextualisation and Spiritual Transformation in Theological Education in Africa, Visions Inspired by Desmond Tutu
Eliza Getman, Faith with Feet: Reflections on Contextual and Embodied Theologies
Theo Sundermeier, Encounters with Desmond Tutu: Liberation Theology in Contexts of Surveillance
Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, At the Crossroads of Public Theology and Liberation Theology: In Honour of Desmond Tutu
Petra Bosse-Huber, Doing Theology in the Struggle for Justice in the Here and Now: The Key Role of Desmond Mpilo Tutu
Christo Lombard, »Arch Anecdotes«: Reflections on the Establishment of the Desmond Tutu Chair and Centre at the University of the Western Cape
Gender Justice and Sexual Diversity
Mpho Tutu van Furth, »A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words«: Making Ma Leah Tutu Visible
Traci West, Gratitude for Black Christian Transnational LGBTQL4 Equality Advocacy
Wilma Jakobsen, Stretched Towards Inclusion: Tutu, Gender and Sexuality
Vicentia Kgabe, Tutu’s Visionary Inclusive Leadership with Regard to Women’s Ordination to the Priesthood
Adriaan van Klinken and Ezra Chitando, Race and Sexuality in Desmond Tutu’s Theology of Ubuntu
Megan Robertson, Tutu the Ally: Lessons from Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Queer Advocacy
Rhine Phillip Tsobotsi Koloti, Rebuke, Repair, Reconcile: Stretching Tutu’s Restorative Justice for Contexts of Sexual Violence
Nyambura J. Njoroge, The Man in the »Red Dress«: Transformative Tutu
Miranda N. Pillay, »Do You See This Woman?«: A Sermon Inspired by Desmond Tutu

Humour and Humanity
Tinyiko Maluleke, The Liberating Humour of Desmond Tutu
Fulata L. Moyo, Desmond Tutu, Humour and Social Justice
Trond Bakkevig, Defeating Apartheid with Faith and Humour
Fernando Enns, Charismatic, Pious and Humorous for a Just Peace: Inspiring Encounters with Desmond Tutu
Angela Mai, Humour in Times of Danger: A Short Reflection an Tutu and Defused Tensions
Paul Oestreicher, »That Cheeky Boy«, Personal Reflections on the Arch, Peacebuilding and Reconciliation
Roger Williamson, »Opposing Apartheid and Working for Reconciliation« (A Letter to Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu)
Ubuntu, African Theology and Leadership
Nontombi Tutu, Ubuntu and Imago Dei
Baloyi G. Tlharihani, Human Dignity and Well-being as Cornerstones of Desmond Tutu’s Theology and Life
Dan Vaughan, Perspectives on Tutu’s Leadership: A Journey of Struggle and Hope
J. Gertrud Tönsing, A Musical Tribute to the Inspirational Leadership of Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Michael Lapsley, Tutu and Me: Reflections on Brokenness and Wholeness
Rachele Vernon O’Brien (Poem), A Statement from the Mother of Simon of Cyrene: Reflections an Ubuntu Across Millennia
Hans S.A. Engdahl, Reflections on Desmond Tutu and His Exercise of Leadership in Africa
Ingrid le Roux, Desmond Tutu: An Icon of Ubuntu Hospitality
Edwin Arrison (Prayer), An UbunTutu Eucharistic Prayer
Betty Govinden, »Called to Serve« and »Captive for Freedom«: Two Birthday Poems
Transnational Solidarities
Brian Brown, Prophet of Consistency Connecting Struggles for Justice in Palestine and South Africa
Volker Faigle, »Africa’s Most Refreshing Son«: Inspiring Solidarity between the German and African Churches
Ulrich Duchrow, Mogopa and the Covenant Project with Communities Threatened by Forced Resettlement, a Lesson for Today
Klaus Nürnberger, The »Arch« in 1993, A Letter of Appraisal from South Africa to Berlin
David Haslam, Divestment, Boycott and Tax, The Crucial Role of Economic Justice in the Kingdom of God
Gerhard Küsel, »One Night in Nairobi«: Reflections on Refuge and Suffering
Musimbi Kanyoro, »Prisoner of Hope«: Solidarity and Social Justice
Werner von Hoerschelmann, Desmond Tutu’s Role in Establishing Ecumenical Relationships of the Evangelical Church in Germany with Churches in Southern Africa

Prayer and Politics
Thabo Makgoba, The Centrality of Prayer
Konrad Raiser, Protest and Prayer
Peter Lodberg, When Prayer Meets Politics: Reflections on Desmond Tutu in Denmark
Rolf Koppe, Opening the Hearts of Thousands for the Spirit of God, Together with Archbishop Desmond Tutu addressing the Expo 2000 in Hanover
Raymond van Diemel, New Hope for South Africa, Desmond Tutu’s Road to the Nobel Peace Prize
Liz Carmichael, The Humility of a Peacemaker: Negotiating the National Peace Accord, 1991
René August, Growing Up to Be a Child: Reflections on Tutu’s Spiritual Framing
Gerhard Rein, Let Us Pray
Reconciliation and Resistance
Demaine Solomons, What about Sisyphus and the Arch? On Reconciling Meaninglessness and the Labours of Love
Nico Koopman, Embodying Restitutive Forgiveness: The Lasting Legacy of Desmond Mpilo Tutu
Heike Spiegelberg, The Funeral at Boipatong, Between Anger and Reconciliation
Anne Jaborg, Embrace: A Short Story of Embodying Reconciliation
John Allen, »Where Did the Rainbow Go?": Narratives of Pursuing an Ideal of Racial Reconciliation
Rudolf Hinz, South Africa, 27 April 1994: Recollections of Tension and Joy
Religious Diversity and Plural Spirituality
Charles Villa-Vicencio, Drinking from Our Own Wells of Religious and Theological Plurality
Lee-Shae Salma Scharnick-Udemans, Religious Privilege and Intolerante: Unveiling the Rainbow Nation
John W. de Gruchy, Nothing is »Untransfigurable«: Tutu and the Transfiguration of Politics
Atle Sommerfeldt, »Without the eucharist, I could not survive«: On Sacraments and Social Action Inspired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Christine Lienemann-Perrin, »What We Will Be Has Not Yet Been Revealed«: Exploring the Value of Theological Plurality for Christian Unity
Sa’diyya Shaikh, Spiritual Fragrances, Social Horizons: A Muslim Tribute to Archbishop Desmond Tutu



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